About Joel


My first feature film – the sci-fi epic Cosmic Battles – grossed just thirteen dollars. But considering I was 12 years old and tickets went for 7¢ a pop, the movie was a box office hit.

I played a variation of Han Solo, wielding a curling iron that looked like a blaster when turned upside down:


My childhood was a magical mashup of nonstop creativity and entrepreneurship. Then later while at Georgia Tech (studying industrial design in the tradition of the Bauhaus), I began working with some of world’s first computer graphics technologies.

Within a few years that love of creativity and entrepreneurship saw me launching Impossible Pictures, the miracle-making studio / creative agency based in Denver, Colorado. For two decades I helmed Impossible to become of the most successful studios to ever thrive between the coasts.

In its 20th year my  firm was acquired and I became a partner at the industry-leading consultancy RevThink.

Today my years of experience are now squarely focused on advising the next generation of creative entrepreneurs, not just in the US but around the world.

Yet I’m still a creative. And because I believe beautiful stories deserve to be told beautifully, I occasionally collaborate as a cinematographer to capture moving images for broadcast, film, and digital. Some of that work is viewable here.

Contact me at joel[at]joelpilger.com or on LinkedIn.