My first feature film – the 8mm epic Cosmic Battles – grossed just thirteen dollars. But considering I was 12 years old and tickets went for 7¢ a pop, the movie was a box office hit.

I played a version of Han Solo, wielding my mom’s curling iron which – when turned upside down – looked like a blaster:


My childhood was a magical mashup of nonstop creativity and entrepreneurship. Then later while at Georgia Tech (studying industrial design in the tradition of the Bauhaus), I worked on some of the world’s first computer graphics systems.

Within a few years that love of creativity and entrepreneurship saw me launching Impossible Pictures, the miracle-making studio / creative agency based in Denver, Colorado. For two decades I helmed Impossible to become of the most successful studios to ever thrive between the coasts.

In its 20th year my firm was acquired so I could shift my focus to consulting. Today as a partner at RevThink,  all my years of experience are focused on helping the industry that I love as I advise the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Yet I remain a committed creative who still occasionally works as a cinematographer and/or director.

This website showcases that work. 

If you are looking for my work as a consultant, please visit the RevThink website.

Keep on livin’ a better story,