Rama Allen’s Lighthouse

My friend and creative director at Tröllback, Mitch Monson, recently shared his notes from a session delivered by Rama Allen at the F5 Conference in NYC. They struck me as profound and well worth memorializing.

RAMA ALLEN, Director:


“Find your rituals.” These will be your Lighthouse in the Creative Storm. Determine what your process is and follow it on every creative project.


Get the initial image in your head that captures the emotion of the feeling you are pursuing. Return to it constantly during your development and production process. Let it be the emotional thread thru the lifecycle of the project.

Example: his titles for KILLING KENNEDY. Rama found an image of a small girl from the Kennedy archives which he flipped upside down and it became a very disorienting image. It was this image that inspired the handheld Phantom shooting rig that formed the disorienting, ultra slow motion, live action foundation of the piece.



Like the initial image, listen to a multitude of tracks until you find the track that captures the emotion of the piece. This will also serve as an emotional thread.

“Find the [visual and sonic] Emotional Thread then reflect on it at all times during the lifecycle of your project.”


  1. Process: Follow Your Creative Rituals
  2. Spark the Vision: Get a Picture In Your Mind
  3. Find the Feeling: The Soundtrack to Your Vision
  4. Staying on Course: Keep Your Eye on the Lighthouse

Thanks to Rama for generously sharing his thoughts with us!