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Industry Influencer.

RevThink is the leading consultancy for high performance motion design and production studios.

I come alongside owners of creative firms to help them focus on their genius, accomplish their long-term goals and run their businesses better.

As a thought leader, I curate the RevThink platform and podcast.

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Seasons of a Creative.

Article about Joel Pilger in Motionographer

“We asked Joel Pilger, founder of Impossible Pictures (which he sold in 2014 after a 20-year run) and now a consultant with RevThink, for his take on the industry.

His thought-provoking insights will be valuable to anyone running their own shop — or hoping to someday…”

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An accelerator program for the next generation of up-and-coming studios…

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PromaxBDA Creative Entrepreneurs

As part of RevThink’s partnership with PromaxBDA, I co-lead the Creative Entrepreneurs program where we help agency owners tackle their toughest business challenges.

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Director of Photography. Filmmaker.

Because beautiful stories deserve to be told beautifully.

I work as a cinematographer to shoot moving images – films, promos, commercials – for broadcast, film and digital platforms.

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Impossible Pictures founder.

The miracle-making motion design studio & production company.

For over 20 years I helmed Impossible Pictures, one of the most successful studios to ever thrive between the coasts.

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What others have to say about me.

steve-kazanjianWe have been getting some great feedback from the Creative Entrepreneurs conference and others are asking us if there are future events.” – Steve Kazanjian, President & CEO at PromaxBDA (Los Angeles, US)

patrick-jager“You’re doing something unique in the industry: you’ve lowered the barriers-of-entry and brought the critical thinking down to a level where all can benefit.” – Patrick Jager, CEO at CORE Innovation Group (Denver, US)

jeremy-lindenmier“It has been great to gain so much insightful knowledge that in turn helped push our studio over the hump, when we felt like we had hit a plateau.” – Jeremy Lindenmier at Friends of Mine (Denver, US)

robb-wagner“You teach me how to leverage my thinking and beliefs then apply them to my business in an effective manner.” – Robb Wagner at Stimulated-Inc. (Los Angeles, US)

jeffrey-foot“Thank you for the advice… it greatly shaped our company over the past few years.” – Jeffrey Foot at Fogomotion (Silver Spring, US)

nate-howeI wanted to thank you for sharing your advice on pitching. We put some of the ideas to work in recent presentations and it went very well. – Nathaniel Howe at Nathaniel Howe Studios (Los Angeles, US)

maria-rapetskaya“From overall strategy to sales and marketing, your wisdom was the tiebreaker we needed to make long overdue critical decisions. The results are already speaking for themselves.” – Maria Rapetskaya at Undefined Creative (New York City, US)

jared-hobbs“It’s not just the great advice, thoughtful problem solving, but the fact that you care and you’re so passionate. All of your advice is really producing great results and I thank you!” – Jared Hobbs at Deep Sky Studios (Portland, US)

max-zenk“I have soaked in (almost) all of your podcasts and articles, taking notes frequently. Not only are the articles very helpful, I also feel 100% understood in my situation.” – Max Zenk at Studio Flox (Stuttgart, Germany)

jose-fernandez“For a non-US firm like us, where the market for motion design is young, your information is very useful.” – Jose Fernandez at Sulfurica (Santiago, Chile)