The private network of the world's leading studios.
Coming in July: FORUM evolves again
It's like having a board of directors made up of the brightest minds in the industry. Truly a priceless resource.
Eric Singer
Partner at Coupe Studios

Join the movement.


The challenge.

These days it seems like everyone has launched a studio.

Launching is one thing. But running a studio – that is a strong, resilient business – is quite another.

What it takes.

Unlike consultants who have never helmed a studio, I ran the remarkable Impossible Pictures for 20 years.

I've lived the life you're now living. I have experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Why you do it.

There's no better life than helming a creative company.

But as much as we love running our businesses, it can be a lonely road; years of toiling, making it up as you go, wondering how everyone else does it.

The support you need.

This is why I built FORUM as the private network where accomplished founders and I are supporting each other on this thrilling – often crazy – journey of studio ownership.

The commitment to relevance.

Ensuring FORUM fulfills its mission, these industry leaders serve as its advisory Council:

• Amanda Russell, Co-Founder/CD at Cream
• Andre Foster, Co-Founder/ECD at First Fight
• Carolyn Hill, Production Exec/Biz Dev Agent at Carolyn Reps
• Eric Singer, Partner/EP at Coupe Studios
• Martín Schurmann, Owner/ECD at Váscolo
• Ricardo Roberts, Co-Founder/EP at BIEN
• Robb Wagner, Founder/Experiential Artist at Stimulated-Inc.
• Ryan Summers, CD at Spillt
• Sarah Ward, Co-Founder/EP at The Frame Theory
It's a support system, a gathering place, a playground for idea exchange. You'll be greeted with unfiltered, unbiased, and unwavering camaraderie.
Ricardo Roberts
Co-Founder and Executive Producer at BIEN
The private network of leaders running the world's top independent studios in:
Motion & Animation
Live Action Production
Music & Sound



Member Network
Access to me plus personal connections, discussion, and support of my hand-picked collection of top studio leaders.
Weekly Roundtables
Members and I gather each week with a special guest to discuss a hot topic that is relevant to running a thriving studio.
Resident Experts
Directly ask questions and get advice from these industry experts who you would love to hire, but likely can't afford:

• [NEW] The Executive Producer with Rebecca Olson
• [NEW] Working Brand-Direct with Kevin Rapp
• Al for Studios with Ben Silverman
• Operations with Cherish Edwards
• Public Relations with Kristien Brada
• New Biz with Michael Sterling


Each quarter, I lead members through an advanced business course which lasts six or more weeks.

[Q3 2024 accelerator to be announced]
Studios United
Imagine big brands bringing projects right to your doorstep with no pitching, bidding, or negotiating. Currently in startup phase, Studios United aims to replace the RFP with the RWA.
Replay Library
Missed a live event? Access recorded roundtables and sessions in our ever-growing Replay Library.


Biweekly Office Hours
Every other week, I carve out time for FORUM+ members to personally help you improve your business. No appointment necessary. No topic off limits.
Quarterly Review & Planning
Every 90 days your leadership team and I meet privately to review the previous quarter and plan the quarter ahead.
Priority Feedback & Support
Prioritized access to me and my support team.
Not the biggest. The best.
During the pandemic, I built a large community. And it was good.

But the focus on attracting more members eventually took energy away from what mattered most: existing members.

That's why I limit FORUM/FORUM+ to 100 members. So it can be great.

Staying small incentivizes me and my team to invest all our energy into our existing members. And this also incentivizes members not to be lurkers, but active participants.

When you apply, membership is usually at capacity so you will be added to our waitlist. Spots become available whenever a current member decides not to renew, at which point new members are hand-selected from our waitlist.

I invite you to apply and I appreciate your patience.
Last night when I posted there were immediate responses from everyone all over the world, including you. Before I asked anyone for help, everyone just gave it.
Amanda Russell
Co-Founder & CD at Cream Studio

Membership levels.


Forum Lite

Member Network
Roundtables: 1 per quarter
Resident Experts
FUSE VIP invitations
Quarterly Accelerator
Replay Library
Studios United
Biweekly Office Hours with Joel
Quarterly Review & Planning with Joel
Priority feedback and support


USD 495 quarterly
Member Network
Weekly Roundtables
Resident Experts
FUSE invitations
Quarterly Accelerator
Replay Library
Studios United
Biweekly Office Hours with Joel
Quarterly Review & Planning with Joel
Priority feedback and support


USD 995 quarterly
Member Network
Weekly Roundtables
Resident Experts
Priority FUSE invitations
Quarterly Accelerator
Replay Library
Studios United
Biweekly Office Hours with Joel
Quarterly Review & Planning with Joel
Priority feedback and support
*Forum Lite is free for a limited time. FORUM and FORUM+ currently at capacity, new applicants will be added to the waitlist. Details subject to change.
What is the cost?
Forum Lite is free for a limited time, FORUM is USD 495 quarterly, and FORUM+ is USD 995 quarterly.

Are discounts available?
Annual discounts are available. International studios (based outside the US/Canada/EU/APAC), discounts are available to help offset the strength of the US dollar.

What is included in Forum Lite?
Lite includes the main Discussion space plus one Roundtable per quarter.

What is FORUM+?
​FORUM+​ is for the ambitious creative seeking my personal advice in Biweekly Office Hours, Quarterly Review & Planning, plus Priority Feedback and Support.

If I don’t subscribe to FORUM now, can I rejoin later?
Yes, but bear in mind membership is now capped at 100. Since we are at capacity, leaving will put you to the end of the waitlist. Rejoining occurs when a current member leaves, therefore the wait might be long.

What have others experienced in terms of ROI (return on investment)?

After learning the insights Joel shared in Derail the Pitch, we rethought our approach to RFPs. I'm proud to say it had a huge impact. We have not lost one RFP since we made these changes.” — Kelli Miller at

“Following Jumpstart, negotiating our very next project we were able to double our prices. Our return on investment (ROI) was immediate.” – Marc Colomines at ​Blit.Studio​

"Our goal was to leave 6to7 with insights to help us solidify a formal internal process around new business development. For me, it was what we needed, at the right time.” – Erin Sarofsky at

“BIEN wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today if it weren't for this amazing, tight-knit community.” – Ricardo Roberts at ​BIEN​

Is there a "studio rate" giving access to multiple members of my team?
Only individual subscriptions are available now. We may offer other rates in the future so we appreciate your feedback.