Learn all the things you never knew you didn't know.


That nagging feeling your studio is meant for something bigger...
Do you wonder, “What do those other studios know that I don't?"

My studio Impossible Pictures is known for its success. But it might surprise you to learn during its early years, it struggled.

We were stuck at less than USD 200K in annual revenue. I was constantly overwhelmed. I almost burned out.

For seven long years.

Then I discovered a framework and made changes which propelled my studio to win better clients with bigger budgets, grow my team, and ultimately produce all the award-winning work for which my studio is known today.

In year 8 and beyond, my studio's revenue grew to USD 5M per year with a full-time team of 25 superstars and hundreds of freelancers. That's the Impossible Pictures story everyone knows. But now you know the real story.

In Jumpstart, I invite you to take this same journey. Learn all the things you never knew you didn't know... and together let's push your studio to realize its full potential.


How Small Studios Grow

Get an overview of the Jumpstart Framework as Joel Pilger shares real-world examples of studios using it to combat ephemeralization.


Jumpstart at a glance.


Who this is for.

Small and emerging (USD 300K - 1.5M) studios in motion, production, experiential, and sound.

What you will learn.

Learn what top studios know that you can't learn anywhere else.


6 x weekly video modules
6 x Live Weekly Workshops
6 x Group Implementation or 1:1 Sessions*


200+ studios in 40+ countries catapulted including names like Ordinary Folk, The Furrow, Spillt, Polyester, Cream, Mighty Nice, Motion504, First Fight, The Frame Theory, Defacto Sound, Coupe Studios, etc.

See Alumni Tributes below.


Joel Pilger, Advisor to the World's Leading Studios. Founder of Impossible Pictures. FORUM Leader.

What you will learn.

1. Identify Your Genius
Challenge: You feel stuck wearing way too many hats.

Make the Leap:The sooner you stop majoring in the minors, the sooner you will develop your deep expertise that you love doing. Let’s identify your Genius so you can focus on it.
2. Carve Out Your Positioning
Challenge: Your studio is stuck in the Sea of Sameness.

Make the Leap: How does the modern studio evolve from order-taker to expert and stand out? Discover what makes you different, claim it, then proclaim it.
3. Be Choosy: The Three R’s
Challenge: You can’t resist saying yes to every client and project, even the bad ones.

Make the Leap: Which opportunities keep you stuck vs move your studio forward? Apply a simple method so you always know which are true wins… and not time wasters.
4. Fewer Proposals, More Projects: The Three D’s
Challenge: As the price on your proposals goes up, clients start ghosting you.

Make the Leap: Skip the runaround and guessing. Deploy a simple 4-step process that saves time, generates more wins, and lays the foundation for your studio as the expert.
5. Charge More
Challenge: Other studios charge much higher prices, but you can’t seem to do the same.

Make the Leap: Gain the confidence to charge more and win top-dollar projects. Employ a pricing method that expands budgets… enabling you to produce your greatest creative work.
6. Take Charge
Challenge: You’re tired of clients bossing you around, creating scope creep and compromising the creative.

Make the Leap: Flip the script so instead of taking orders, you’re taking charge. Learn the natural conversation that stimulate clients to follow your lead to bigger and better outcomes.


Exclusively open to members of FORUM.


Jumpstart CORE

divided into 2 equal payments
Digest the modules on your own. Group discussion via chat. Watch workshops via replay.

Just the essentials:
6 x Jumpstart modules and worksheets
Weekly Workshops via replay

Jumpstart LIVE

divided into 2 equal payments
Live weekly workshops with Joel Pilger and your peer group. Limited to 10 seats.

Includes CORE plus:
6 x Live Group Workshops led Joel Pilger
6 x Group Implementation Sessions
Candid “website roast”
Lifetime access to materials
GROUP + 1:1

Jumpstart ELITE

divided into 2 equal payments
Maximize your transformation with additional 1:1 guidance from Joel. Limited to 3 seats.

Includes LIVE plus:
6 x Weekly 1:1 Sessions with Joel Pilger
[NEW] 1:1 Audio Messaging between Sessions
* Jumpstart runs three times per year. 1:1 advisory sessions included with ELITE. Accelerators are guaranteed, if you’re not a fit simply request a refund.


Growth Readiness Score

Jumpstart has pushed 200+ small studios and production companies forward. To find out if yours is ready, get your Growth Readiness Score.

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I’m busy building a time machine so I can go back and take this class five years ago. It’s THAT good! You’ll never be the same.
Patrick Mallek, Founder at Mighty Fudge Studios
The number of eye-opening “ohhh I get it now, that makes so much sense!” moments is off the charts. It’s all solid, practical, implementable stuff.
Henry Baker, Agent & Producer at Great Friends
Not only did we go from $25-50K budgets to winning multiple six-figure projects, Ryval Studios now stands out from the competition in ways it never did before, much of which I have to credit to Joel and Jumpstart.
Jon Morgan, Founder & Executive Producer at Ryval Studios
If you are on the fence, Jumpstart is the single most beneficial workshop that I have ever done for my business. Put in the time, you will not be disappointed.
Ed Rhine, Owner & Executive Creative Director at Spillt
Amazingly after Jumpstart, in just one year our total revenue increased by 900%.
Felippe Silveira, Co-Founder at Mowe Studio
I kid you not, the best thing that Jumpstart gave us was knowing our worth, planning for our future, and reaffirming why we started a business: to build a better life and attain our dreams.
Nico Puertollano, Co-Owner & Executive Creative Director at Rezonate
I’ve recommended Jumpstart to many, whether you’re an owner of a small company or ready to make the jump into something bigger.
Stefan Green, Executive Producer at Ordinary Folk
Jumpstart was the secret sauce for us.
Guy Allen, Co-Founder & Creative Director at First Fight