FORUM Reserve: Private Engagement with Joel Pilger
Let's unleash your studio's awesomeness.
I'm not a consultant, rather I'm a founder myself who ran my own successful studio for 20 years. Since exit, I've worked with 500+ studios in more than 40 countries.

I love coming alongside owners like you to help you run your business and ensure your studio realizes its full potential.
Within our engagement you have direct access to me as well as my assistants, Brit and Jen. Also included:

FORUM membership
• A private online space for our engagement
• Priority invitations to FUSE events

The Studio Realign Roadmap.™
I will lead you through this 5-step process. We may skip, add, or remove steps in the Roadmap as appropriate. Each step requires about one month:

1. Genius: 
Let's give your leadership team clarity – so they are laser focused – on their greatest strengths.

2. Positioning: Let's make your studio stand out and powerfully connect with your ideal clients.

3. Qualifying: Let's create a simple method to qualify both clients and projects.

4. Pricing: Let's discover your clients' bigger problems and win their biggest budgets.

5. Cruise Control: Let's build an easy-to-use operating system for managing your studio's finances, costs, projects, and cash flow.

Once the above are complete, I am happy to remain engaged as your studio continues growing and navigating transitions.

My engagements typically continue for years.

A FORUM Reserve engagement is not a cost, it is an investment. This means I will help your studio realize revenue increases or cost savings greater than my fee.

The engagement fee varies based on the pace at which you and your team can go:

Option 1: Weekly meetings + coaching for your leadership team: USD $7000 per month.

Option 2:
Weekly meetings: USD $4000 per month.

Option 3: Biweekly meetings: USD $2500 per month.
No stress.
Our communications are protected by mutual non-disclosure agreement.

No contract is required.

Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
The X-factor.
Some clients call me their "lucky rabbit's foot." Which suggests the value of my engagements is not measured in time or effort, but rather in results. Examples include:

• Teaching you how to always be profitable
• Connecting you with a buyer such as Disney+ or BBDO
• Forging a relationship with a sales rep such as Carolyn Hill or Astra Reps
• Leveraging a publicist for exposure in a leading industry publication
• Featuring you in a marketplace such as Studios United

It is important that we both understand the value of my knowledge, connections, and  influence is difficult to quantify.
First steps.
Let's go.
1. Sign NDA
2. Obtain financial reports
3. Secure payment
4. Create private space in FORUM
5. Schedule recurring meetings
6. Dive into first module
"Joel has been a great addition as our advisor. Beyond him bringing added accountability, his industry-specific perspective and insights have helped me push my business forward." – Seth Eckert at The Furrow

"This process was an eye-opening experience. It was the compass we needed to find our own path to take Animagic to the next level. Now, we are walking that path with full confidence while keeping things fun along the way." – David Calderon at Animagic

“The greatest thing I've received from working with Joel is being able to let go – to stop trying to control everything – thanks to the process and methodology which enables our producers to produce... and freed me up. In short, the team knows what to do and now has the freedom to do it. This has made the team happier with their work, and as importantly, allowed me to invest my time in focusing on the future and growing the studio." – Jeremy Dimmock at Polyester
“You gave me the opportunity to ask the questions on every creative studio owner’s mind and to get great answers from someone who has been where we want to go. It also gave us the permission and confidence to become the shop we always wanted to be, and the realization we never needed permission in the first place!” – Nate Rich at Honest Films
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